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DENVA is a start-up of Demetra‘s core business, as a completion to its services for the maintenance of green areas.

DENVA is a group of professionals who believe in the principles of ‘sustainable development‘ and ‘resilience‘ and have decided to include them in their professional activity.

DENVA works using the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) approach, believing that the holistic vision of this instrument is fundamental in order to evaluate the environmental, social and economic impact of the products and services analysed.

Caterina Villa

Landscape designer and environmental scientist

Her passion for the environment, leads her to having a wide and multidisciplinary knowledge on the topics of botany, agriculture and biology, as well as on environmental legislations. She is specialised in the field of LCA and the environmental management systems. 

Caterina Villa

Davide Motta

Green Marketing Specialist

Dal 2002 si occupa di comunicazione e marketing. Docente al Politecnico di Milano. Sviluppa i progetti sociali di inclusione e promuove le azioni di compensazione ambientale.

Davide Motta

Sustainable development development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. (Brundtland Report 1987).

Resilience is the speed with which a community or an ecosystem respond to a perturbation or disturbance by resisting damage and returning to the initial stage.