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Those companies that invest in environmental sustainability distinguish themselves from their competitors. Joining innovation and respect for the environment and for other humans, becomes a new way to grow and affirm the value of your company. The possibility of making your enterprise more sustainable becomes thus an opportunity for economic growth, in perfect coexistence with the planet and the rest of society.


Detailed LCA studies, including the interpretation of results and the recommendations for improvement useful to reduce the environmental impact of your activities or production processes. 

Process Optimization

Mapping of production processes and services, identification of critical points and options for intervention.

Environmental Certification

After realising a complete LCA study, we offer support in undergoing the verification by a third entity, in order to obtain the necessary certifications and their publication.

Contracting And Green Public Procurement

We follow your company through the path to get the Minimal Environmental Criteria, in order to get the necessary certifications for the participation in the Public Procurement. The compensation of the impacts generated by the services offered is also offered.

Training And Education

Organisation of courses on the theme of LCA, Product Certifications, System Certifications (Environmental Management Systems ISO14001, Energy Management System ISO 50001) and VIVA SUSTAINABLE WINE. 

Green Marketing

Web contents and flyers, web communication, development of various materials through which the improvements carried out in the efficiency of processes and environmental sustainability can be presented. 


Identification of the impacts which can be contained through mitigation interventions, simulation and comparison of the mitigation performance of different interventions. 


Development of homogeneous and sensible compensation strategies, which can be implemented locally or globally, depending on the context.