Process Optimization

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Optimisation means to make a process more efficient; in order to achieve this goal it is necessary to understand and to map all its phases and to act on its critical points. The LCA evaluation is the tool which allows to analyse the whole life cycle of a product, from cradle to grave, considering it as one process divided into phases. The possibility to associate the environmental and potential impacts to each phase, highlights weaknesses or ‘hidden impacts’ upon which it is possible to intervene, allowing a more consistent control over the environmental performances, and to pursue their improvement.


The optimisation takes place through a Life Cycle Assessment study, with which it is possible to map the phases of a productive process or of the delivery of a service. This way it will be easy to identify where intervention is possible, so to improve the environmental performances and to save economic resources too. 


The interested companies or institutions will have the chance to improve their products or services by acting consciously on the inputs, energy and materials used, and on the outputs, waste and emissions produced. In addition to the economic savings derived from the energetic and environmental performance, also those related to an improved image and green marketing should be accounted for. 


DENVA is able to offer to companies and institutions the mapping service of production processes and services. By cooperating closely with your energy and environment sector personnel, it will be possible to identify the critical points and the interventions options in order to improve the resources management.