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After having implemented all the mitigation measures available to reduce the negative impacts, it is appropriate to define which measures can be undertaken to compensate for the residual impacts, namely those impacts which cannot be eliminated through mitigation interventions. It is in fact inevitable that products and services use resources and produce emissions. Environmental compensations are represented by those actions targeted at obtaining, for a specific intervention, an environmental balance which is as even as possible, through the realisation of elements of added environmental value in comparison with the residues left.


Compensation works are interventions with an environmental value, not connected with the impacts created by the product/service itself, but realised as a partial compensation of the damage caused, only after having made sure that mitigation works are not possible. One example is the balance of COemissions. 


The companies and organisations interested will be able to intervene and balance those emissions which could not be eliminated: this will have positive effects in environmental and social terms, and will be recognised by the public as an operation which shows the consciousness of the company and its environmental efforts. 


DENVA is able to offer companies and organisations the service of identification of impacts which cannot be mitigated, suggesting a compensation strategy which can be realised either locally or globally, replenishing the impoverished environmental resources with others of equal value.