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It it a widely shared opinion that environmental prevention and protection must be pursed through policies for the environmental impact reduction of human products and services, but also through a proactive action aiming at environmental improvements. Such improvements can be pursued through interventions directly connected with or within the production process or service delivery process which allow to limit, reduce and, where possible, avoid the impacts (for example: noise barriers); such interventions are called “mitigations”.


After having carried out a Life Cycle Assessment study and have consequently identified and measured the environmental impacts associated with that product/service, it is possible to study, design and realise technological systems of various kinds, in order to avoid or at least reduce such impacts.  


Companies and organisations will be able to forecast possible future impacts and therefore in improve both the long-term sustainability and the social acceptance of their work. Furthermore, it will also be possibile to avoid eccessive costs of containment systems which otherwise would have to be realised in case of emergency. 


DENVA is able to offer companies and organisations the service of identification of those impacts which can be contained through mitigation interventions, as well as the assistance along the design and realisation of mitigation and simulation works, and the performance evaluation of different mitigation options.