Contracting And Green Public Procurement

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Green Public Procurement – GPP,  was recognised in 2003 (COM 2003/302) by the European Commission as an instrument of voluntary environmental policy, with the intention to foster the development, through an increased demand of the civil society, of a market for products and services with a reduced environmental impact.

The “environmentally preferable” products are, for example, those which require less energy, those made from recycled materials and/or without harmful compounds, those which are durable and can be easily recycled, as well as those resulting from production processes with a lower impact in comparison with the average European performance level.


GPP is the tool introduced by the European Community to steer the choices of the Public Administration towards products with a low environmental impact and foster the market for green products. Since February 2nd, 2016 it is compulsory to include the Minimal Environmental Criteria in the contracting for the delivery of products or services. 


It favours the production and distribution of products with a low environmental impact, thus diminishing the economic/environmental costs during the production (resources), use (energy), and disposal (waste treatment). The market will be spurred to promote the offer of options with higher environmental value. 


DENVA offers its consultation service for the correct inclusion of Minimal Environmental Criteria in the call for tenders and for the calculation, improvement and compensation of the environmental impacts. Through environmental certifications it is possible to show the compliance with certain ecological criteria or to have a reduction of the warranty fee for the participation to the calls.