Life Cycle Assessment
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The Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is an instrument to evaluate and quantify the energy and environmental resources, and to analyse the potential impacts associated with a product/process/activity. The relevance of this method is mainly in its innovative approach: by evaluating the entire life cycle, from the raw materials extraction until the end of life (from cradle to grave), and by considering all the phases of a productive process as correlated and inter-dependent.

LCA is a method defined by international standards ISO 14040 (2006) and ISO 14044 (2006).


LCA represents a fundamental support to the development of environmental certification schemes: to define the environmental criteria for a certain group of products (ecological labels of type 1, type 2 and type 3), or as the main tool to obtain a Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). 


LCA allows to understand the environmental performances of a product of process, to highlight the “hidden” environmental impacts, thus giving the possibility for interventions for the reduction of energy consumption, raw materials consumption and waste production. Your Company will be able to communicate the product in a transparent and comparable way. 


Identification of LCA study’s goal, comprehensive collection of all data related to the production of product (resources consumption, emissions, impacts), evaluation of the environmental impact generated, proposal of useful improvements for the reduction of the environmental impacts of the processes or activities considered.