Enviromental Product Declaration

The EPD Environmental Product Declaration is a verified and registered document to communicate comparable and transparent information on the life cycle and the environmental impact of a product or service. EPD is an environmental label of type 3, which is a declaration resulting from a voluntary programme which sets the general terms of use, without any environmental performance levels to be respected.

The certification mostly accredited internationally is the EPD International System managed by the EPD International AB.
For further information visit:  www.environdec.com


EPD promotes the dissemination of objective, comparable and trustworthy information concerning the environmental performance of a product. The EPD methodology is the Life Cycle Assessment. In order to be comparable, LCA follows some protocol of action called PCR (Product Category Rules), which describe the shared requirements. 


The Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) offer new market possibilities to deliver information on the environmental performance of products and services, and which translate into a set of advantages both for the organisations developing these declarations and for those who use the information included in them. 


Targeted at companies delivering products or services. We offer consultation for complete LCA studies, support during the verification by a third party entity and the preparation and publication of a EPD description on the Environdec website or other comparable channels.