Water Footprint

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The Water Footprint is an indicator which represents the water use and allows to measure the impact on water resources generated by a product, a process or an organisation. The Water Footprint is based on the ISO 14046, “Environmental management – Water Footprint – Principles, requirements and guidelines” which allows to obtain comparable results that can also be communicated to the end users. The analysis is built on the life cycle approach, and accounts for water management along the whole production chain, until the disposal at the end of the product’s life.


The WFP is based on the water footprint evaluation along three phases: quantification and localisation of the water footprint of a product or process within a certain timeframe; evaluation of the environmental, social and economic sustainability of the water footprint; identification of the strategies to reduce the WFP itself. 


The Water Footprint allow to assess the impacts on the environment, related to the water consumption, of a production process, in order to allow companies to improve their water management. Moreover, it also gives complete and transparent information on the product targeted at that share of the market looking for sustainable products. 


Targeted at companies delivering products or services. We offer consultation on the preparation of the Water Footprint study according to ISO 14046, assistance during the verification by a third party entity and support for the definition of a new water management policy aimed at enhancing the efficiency of the water use.