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The information which a company or organisation delivers outside is the fundamental pillar upon which reputation and credibility are built and which increases the marketing efficacy. In order to be competitive, it is necessary to be able to explain the added value of your product or service, so to be understood by potential customers. Using reliable and verified data, knowing which of these are suitable to be communicated and how, making technical information understandable by translating them into clear, transparent and straightforward messages, is the best way to present your best-self to your customers, making it clear why they should prefer you to your competitors.


Highlighting the environmental improvements for communication purposes is of uppermost importance to disseminate them and to increase awareness in your partners and customers, but also to stand out in the market. Green marketing means to use your commitment to sustainability to give effective and truthful messages. 


If the information given are clear, transparent, verified and communicative, the message getting out onto the market will be positive and will only improve your image. This way, your competitors will be prompted to do the same, while your customers will have more trust in purchasing your product. 


DENVA will follow you along the development of some dissemination material, with which you can communicate your commitment towards environmental sustainability. Messages can take different forms: posters, web contents, declarations, books, according to your company’s needs and style.

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