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The dissemination of environmental sustainability tools is very close to our heart as it allows to increase the awareness of those outside this sector, which is one of the 4 principles in our mission.

We are sure that deepening the knowledge on these issues is a fundamental step to clarify those issues that can be seen, at first, as unclear and (mistakenly) useless by companies. Likewise, making population of all ages more aware about sustainability and environmental protection, is the basis for a collective conscious and responsible behaviour.


Correct information and adequate training are the basis to keep your company up to date from the environmental point of view. In order to do so, it is of uppermost importance to know the environmental problems and their effects, as well as their possible solutions and the environmental laws that are applicable to your company.  


Continuous training on the environmental themes allows to have the necessary knowledge to be at the forefront in the field of sustainability. Training concerning the “green” topics allows to foresee the requests of those customers who are more sensitive to environmental protection and to offer them an added value. 


Denva organises course dealing with the issues of LCA, Product Certification, System Certification (Environmental Management System ISO 14001, Energy Management System ISO 50001) and VIVA SUSTAINABLE WINE. Courses can be organised according to the needs of companies, public administrations and schools. 

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